Biden Needs to Talk to America

Sarah Longwell & Ben Parker argue he's underusing his bully pulpit.


Happy election day! Whether or not you live in a place that’s having elections, some of tonight’s races are an interesting indicator of what we can expect in next year’s midterm elections. And we’ll be talking about it tonight on TNB (no show on Thursday.) We hope you’ll tune in.

Election days are a lot like weddings: people can get a little antsy. Political bettors are freaking out on the gambling site PredictIt. While my pals at Star Spangled Gamblers make real money on political bets, I’m of the belief that if you’re an active participant in something, you shouldn’t bet on it.

Just remember: yard signs don’t vote, and it all comes down to turnout. And turnout is expected to be very high. It will be a very interesting election, indeed.

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Biden Needs to Talk to America

SARAH LONGWELL AND BENJAMIN PARKER: The president is underusing his bully pulpit.

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All of a sudden at Fox News… Blocking traffic is… good? (I maintain it’s always bad.)

How CRT works for Republicans… Their voters don’t understand it, but damnit, they don’t like it. As the boss, Sarah Longwell, observed:

A year ago I never heard a word about critical race theory from Trump voters. Now it's everywhere. Right-wing media has become a precision instrument.

Matt Labash, stuck in the middle. Read our good friend on the political courage of Adam Kinzinger.

Cleveland’s police union goes to the mat to avoid reform… What will voters do?

Riding the bus… Newsmax Twitter personality Greg Kelly recently had an issue on a NYC bus and let the world know about it. The result was hilarity.

Why traffic stops turn deadly. A deep dive at the New York Times. [An earlier version of this incorrectly suggested that the Washington Post produced it.]

Meanwhile in New York… This story at Curbed about mayoral candidate Eric Adams is wild.

Rabid partisanship is a hell of a drug… People who subscribe to the Q-Anon conspiracy theory spent an afternoon in the rain at the Grassy Knoll waiting for JFK, Jr. to come back. But he wasn’t the only one slated, apparently. (He did not show.) Just remember, these folks vote.

I’m sure this will go well… The FEC has determined that foreign nationals can support and finance state ballot initiatives. Nothing wrong will go here, I am sure…

The mark of the beast? Newsmax, which is facing its own legal troubles regarding its conspiratorial election coverage, perhaps(?) learned its lesson and had to publicly refute one of its star reporters for making batshit crazy claims about COVID-19 vaccines. Once bitten, twice shy, I guess? Or, put another way: Thanks to Dominion and its lawyers for putting the outlets that allow people to peddle disinformation or outright crazy lies on notice.

That’s it for me for today. We’ll see you tonight! Tech support questions? Email Questions for me? Drop me a line:


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