Biden’s Child Tax Credit May Not Be As Popular As Democrats Hoped

Rich Thau wonders: What if giving tax relief to parents is actually an electoral liability for Democrats?


A blast from the past.

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu had a feisty meeting with his executive council about COVID. This is worth two minutes of your time. Now, I’m OK with Biden’s vaccine mandates. What Sununu argues here is much closer to what the GOP I grew up with believed, not what what the members of council are arguing, which is basically what the GOP is now.

Though I don’t entirely agree with Sununu, it’s refreshing at least to see pushback on the conspiratorial MAGA right from somebody in public office who are catering to the crazies.

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Biden’s Child Tax Credit May Not Be As Popular As Democrats Hoped

RICH THAU: What if giving tax relief to parents is actually an electoral liability for Democrats?

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Ted Cruz gets a wallaby kick. Oh, this is brilliant.

You can guess what will happen to Cassidy next…

Good for him at least.

Food fight! Rod Dreher goes after Eric Metaxas and some guy named John Zmiark who likes talking about “beta males.”

Joe Rogan, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and the least productive conversation. Charlie Warzel on why this discussion was a bad idea.

RIP Gen. Powell.

Dennis Prager wanted to get infected with COVID. Wish granted, I guess?

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