Blame Biden for Afghanistan’s Return to the Dark Ages

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Blame Biden for Afghanistan’s Return to the Dark Ages

SHAY KHATIRI: Executions, sex slavery, ethnic cleansing—and yet the president says “I do not regret my decision.”

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Tim Miller: I'm Actually Not a Childless Cat Person

On today's podcast, Tim Miller joins host Charlie Sykes to talk about Dan Crenshaw, My Pillow Guy, the Know-Nothing Revolution, childless cat people, and Biden's Afghan disaster.

Is the Country Calming Down?

Charlie Sykes joins the group to discuss the infrastructure Rubik's cube, the Republican governors' war on public health, and whether the big strife is past.

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MORNING SHOTS: Biden Agonistes 🔐

CHARLIE SYKES: The president faces the crises of his presidency

THE TRIAD: The Census Explains Why the Republican Party Is What It Is 🔐

JVL: This is what happens to a political movement that has written off the future.

Census Stuff and the Afghanistan Tragedy 🔐

A hi-speed humanitarian disaster.

LIVESTREAM: Mailbag Special 🔐

JVL is joined by Sarah Longwell, Amanda Carpenter, and Ben Parker, where they took your questions.

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The GOP Is Playing Itself

JIM SWIFT: Senate Democrats barely have a majority, but they’re legislating and trolling the GOP at the same time.

The Seditionist’s Cookbook

CHRISTIAN VANDERBROUK: The Trump lawyer behind January 6 has a plan.

BGTH: 'Free Guy' Review

SONNY BUNCH: Reduced box office grosses might not be the worst thing in the world.

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THEY LIKE ME, THEY REALLY LIKE ME! Sort of. Outside of the Pulitzer, most of them are stupid and self serving. There’s an ongoing joke on social media where journalists will describe themselves as “award losing” journalists. Because there are so many damn awards, it’s hard to know their meaning. I think our Hannah Yoest deserves an award for her amazing artwork she does for our site, but what award could I nominate her for that would have meaning? It’s hard to know.

I will say, somebody tagged me and Sonny Bunch on Twitter, noting that we were among the top 100 bipartisan Twitter accounts in journalism. And in looking at the list, so were Amanda Carpenter (who beat all of us) and Charlie Sykes. Some of our former TWS colleagues like Haley Byrd and John McCormack were, too. I have some questions about their methodology, though, as people like Andrew Egger didn’t even make the list. Andrew, to his credit or fault, goes out of his way to be nice to some of the most awful people on the internet (like Julie Kelly from AmGreatness). Whereas people like me afford them no good will. Because they’re awful. Oh well, algorithms are algorithms.

I was a little bit surprised to make the list, which, then again, I don’t know how they make it, because I’m a bit of a jerk on Twitter. But, I guess this qualifies as some sort of recognition, and I’ll take it. I am just confused as to why a few of us lost to partisan trolls like Tommy Vietor and Meghan McCain.

Is this heaven? No, it’s Iowa. The Field of Dreams Game appeared to be a big success.

The White Castle robot kitchen… What happens when a 17 year old doesn’t show up for work? You create a robot, the WSJ reports.

You hate to see it:


Talking with Liz Wahl about conspiracies… Was glad to join former RT anchor Liz Wahl to talk about the love of conspiracies in the GOP.

The Impeachment of Bill Clinton… An interesting story new series that will be sure to rile up the GOP.

Life imitates The Onion. This is great.

More on the Ghaisar killing. These guys shouldn’t be afforded immunity.

That’s it for me for today. We’ll see you back here Monday. Tech support questions? Email Questions for me? Drop me a line:


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