Bring on the Liz Cheney Death Match

Amanda Carpenter on why Cheney’s likely ouster will force the conversation about January 6.

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Bring on the Liz Cheney Death Match

AMANDA CARPENTER: Cheney’s likely ouster will force the conversation about Jan. 6.

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Tim Miller: The GOP Goes Full Stefanik

On today's Bulwark Podcast, Tim Miller joins Charlie Sykes to discuss the House GOP elephant line, the Arizona recount, COVID and the jobs report, and why Trump won't stop his election lies and why the GOP won't stop him.

'Wrath of Man' Escapes ATMA's Wrath

Plus: Is NBC bailing on the Golden Globes a controversy or a nontroversy?

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MORNING SHOTS: The Steal Next Time 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES: The Cheney purge may just be prologue

THE TRIAD: Glenn Youngkin Is the Working-Class Hero Republicans Deserve 🔓

JVL: Finally, the GOP has cast off the globalist elites.

Jason Statham's Best Movies, According to ATMA 🔐

On this special bonus episode of Across the Movie Aisle, Alyssa, Peter, and Sonny discuss which Jason Statham they like best.

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The Real Steal Is Coming

MONA CHAREN: Who will prevent the next attempt to overturn the will of the voters?

Keep One Eye on Xi and the Other on Putin

DANIEL BAER AND DAVID J. KRAMER: As Washington focuses on competition with China, it can’t afford to forget the threat from Russia.

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Disney’s America. This was before my time, but not far up the road from me, Michael Eisner wanted to build a Disney park. It is fascinating.

Dogfighting 101. Our friend and frequent contributor Ward Carroll explains the basics of airplane combat.

It’s always easier to play one on TV, I hear…

A tale of betrayal:

How do you stop extremists from joining the ranks of the police? Some interesting thoughts from Jared Holt.

Make sure you read the underlying NYT story.

From Scratch… A great cooking podcast from fellow Clevelander and grocery store expert Michael Ruhlman.

It’s one banana, Michael. What could it cost? $10?

Shaun Donovan ran HUD. Not making this up.

Why working from home will stick. It won’t stick everywhere, but an interesting look at how COVID-19 has changed how we work at NBER.

Including yourself?

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