Facebook Reviewing Scammy Fundraising Tactic Used By Trump, NRCC, Others

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Facebook Reviewing Scammy Fundraising Tactic Used By Trump, NRCC, Others

JIM SWIFT AND TIM MILLER: The social media giant is in a unique position to push back against scammy tactics designed to take money from people who didn’t intend to give it.

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Bill Kristol on the GOP's Fundraising Scams

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Bill Kristol joins Charlie Sykes to discuss the GOP’s fundraising scams, John Boehner’s new book, and President Biden’s infrastructure bill.

Manchin's Ultimatum

On this week’s Beg to Differ, Sarah Longwell sits in for Mona Charen, and discusses with the panel the future of the filibuster, GOP fundraising tactics and their new embrace of boycott culture, H.R. 1 and election law, and China and the Olympics.

La finale! (Episodes 11 & 12)

Lorrain and Natacha are no more, but Captain Carrot lives! Sarah gives more info to Heinrich than she means to. Mr. Schwartz is in trouble. Dr. Larcher shows some moral development maybe? Ben reflects on socialists vs. commies, Sarah reflects on who does the right thing and why.

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THE TRIAD: Was this Authoritarian Moment Inevitable? 🔐

JVL: Maybe we were fated to have this fight.

TNB: Corporations and Consequences 🔐

Bill, Sarah, Amanda, and Tim talk corporations and consequences, big business, boycotts, and ballots. And gun control.

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Shaping Reasonable People

THOMAS KOENIG: Reviving truth-seeking and trust in American higher education.

'The Father': The Best Best Picture Nominee

SONNY BUNCH on the new Anthony Hopkins film, and wondering what are we to do with Scott Rudin, horrible boss?

No Wonder They Keep Coming

LINDA CHAVEZ: The Kino Border Initiative is one of the few places migrants can escape misery and cruelty on their journey north.

America’s Nuclear Missiles Need Major Modernization

ERIC S. EDELMAN AND FRANKLIN C. MILLER: The proposed missile upgrade program saves money and deters nuclear war.


Happy Friday! Hope, if you haven’t gotten your shot yet, it’s scheduled soon. My second Pfizer dose comes next week.

And while it’s a happy Friday… Worth noting that the Confederates surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse today in 1865.

It’s been 156 years and we find ourselves with a country yet again divided.

Photo by Timothy H. O’Sullivan, courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Tucker Carlson has stopped trying to hide it. Come on.

Arc comes to Substack. I was excited to read that our friends at Arc had made the jump to the platform that brings you our Bulwark+ content. If you’re not familiar, do check them out. Just as you probably don’t agree with everything we publish, you know that even when you disagree, the item is well argued and in good faith. Arc is pretty much the same.

Speaking of Arc… Check out this item from Nichols Grossman on the Georgia election law.

Seems a little crazy!

“Grievances were just the aperitif…” Sad but true…

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