Glenn Youngkin Keeps Stoking the Election Conspiracy Fire

Nothing will satisfy the election trutherism buzzsaw.

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Glenn Youngkin Keeps Stoking the Election Conspiracy Fire

JIM SWIFT: Nothing will satisfy the election trutherism buzzsaw.

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Benjamin Wittes: Judging Merrick Garland

On today's podcast Lawfare's Benjamin Wittes joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss "crack smoking, demon possessed leftists," Kevin McCarthy's "joke," vaccine passports, and evaluating the Merrick Garland Doctrine.

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MORNING SHOTS: Is the Delta Variant Being Overhyped? 🔐

CHARLIE SYKES: (Yes... and No)

THE TRIAD: And the Simone Biles Hypocrisy Medal Goes To . . . 🔐

JONATHAN V. LAST: Also, someone is faking the location of warships.

WEEKEND SHOTS: How Did It Get To Be August? 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES on our Sunday mailbag.

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DOJ: IRS Must Give Congress Trump’s Tax Returns

KIMBERLY WEHLE: Overriding a Bill Barr-era decision, new DOJ memo says the IRS “must comply” with Congress’s request.

Vaccinate the World. Now.

MONA CHAREN: An opportunity for indisputable American greatness

Should Schools Mandate Vaccinations?

DANIEL MCGRAW: College campuses might as well be Petri dishes.

Simone Biles Did Exactly What She Set Out to Do

OLIVIA NEISTAT: She didn’t go to Tokyo for herself, but for her fellow gymnasts and for the sport itself.

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Your new favorite recipe… We spent a lot of the weekend doing housekeeping, as family was coming to visit, and I came across an old cook book I bought on eBay many years ago called A Taste of New England. I like buying old cookbooks off of these sites because if I find 5-10 recipes I like, it’s a win. You’re paying maybe $4 to $5 per cookbook, so it’s a good price.

In looking at the book, most of the recipes were fish-based, and I don’t like fish. But I made me think back to the biggest and most famous restaurant on the Senate Side: Johnny’s Half Shell, which after moving from the Capitol Hill neighborhood, died during the pandemic.

I was not a big Johnny’s fan because of my distaste for seafood, but also its prices (I recognize rents are expensive!). People making many times what a young college me made would love to go to happy hour there, and it was infuriating because K Street’s strip clubs had cheaper beer. I know not because I’ve been, but because I called.

At the bar at Johnny’s, they had seasoned Oyster crackers that were to die for. Especially if you were a poor staffer. So, realizing that Johnny’s was no more, I set out to try and recreate them, and I think my result is pretty close. Here’s the recipe. For less than $1.50, they’re great snacks for a party.

Reviewing the new Peppa Pig album. A young friend shared this, shocked that such reviews exist, but when you’re a parent? You feel seen. I told this person that when his time comes he’ll be able to place the season by the voice actor, of which there are now four.

Damn the “Woke Olympics”… Bill Maher, right on the money.

Hot fire… Maricopa County is done dealing with the Cyber Ninjas’ drama.

Please donate. A D.C. MPD officer who was there at the insurrection took his life recently. He leaves behind a wife and kids. RIP, Gunther Hashida. Thank you for your service.

That’s it for me for today. We’ll see you back here tomorrow. Tech support questions? Email Questions for me? Drop me a line:


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