Hope Dies Last

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Hope Dies Last

Sarah Longwell: On Election Day we dare to believe the best of people.

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Kevin Williamson on the Case Against Trump

On today’s Bulwark Podcast, Kevin Williamson joins Charlie Sykes to discuss his recent article on the case against Trump, the trouble with politics as meaning and inquisitional politics, and the forthcoming circus we can expect if Trump is a lame duck President.

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On The Secret Podcast, JVL and Sarah talk about election day: The entire past has been prologue to this moment. Let’s own it.

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Back to Basics: Make Cocktails Normal Again

Sonny Bunch has advice: What to drink to get you through election night—or, heck, the whole election.

To My Fellow George W. Bush Supporters

Stuart Stevens: If you believed what George W. Bush said, then you cannot support Donald Trump.


Election day is here. What are you eating / drinking tonight? At the Swift household, we got take out from the Montclair Family Restaurant, a well-regarded local haunt. Tuesday is pizza day, and they use “fresh mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes, fresh herbs, very important basil, extra virgin olive oil, double zero flour pizza dough.”

I don’t know what very important basil is, but the pizzas were good. Gotta fuel up for tonight’s livestream. I am confident we’ll have an idea before we East Coast Elites™ go to to bed, but I’ve been wrong before.

Knowing tonight is going to be late, my wife let me graciously sleep in a little bit, but here’s how I woke up today:

And now that I have the delicious local wood-fired pizza coursing through my veins, I have the sustenance to stay up all night and talk politics with my colleagues.

Because that’s what you pay us for.

Steve King is not voting for down-ballot Republicans. Wonder why?

Killing time before the results come in… Take a moment and enjoy a little of our former colleague Andrew Eggers’s acoustic sensations.

That’s it for me tonight. We’ll see you Bulwark+ members in a few. Remember, you can always send questions in the chat or to me at swift@thebulwark.com.

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