FAQ: How do I add a Bulwark+ member-only show to my podcast player?

In addition to newsletters, The Bulwark produces a number of podcasts including member-only shows. Each of these member-only podcasts has its own home on the Bulwark+ site, here

Members can listen to these shows through the site or you can add your private RSS feed to your third-party player app of choice (like Stitcher, Pocket Casts, Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts or Amazon Music.)

To add your member-only feed to your player app, go to the show home and click on a recent episode. Just beneath the player there is a link to “Listen in podcast app.” Click this link and follow the instructions. 

  • The Secret Podcast - Exclusively for Bulwark+ members, spend Tuesdays with Charlie and Mona and Fridays with Sarah Longwell and JVL–uncensored and off the leash, here. 

  • The Next Level Podcast - Sarah Longwell, Tim Miller, and Jonathan V. Last gather once a week to discuss the future of politics–unpacking the latest polls, election math and candidates, here

  • Across the Move Aisle+ - Bonus, members-only mini episodes where the ATMA hosts continue the conversation. Find it here. 

  • Thursday Night Bulwark - A weekly, informal livestream with Bulwark editors and special guests hashing out the news of the day. Bulwark+ members are invited to join in the discussion via the live chat and Q&A. Each session is recorded and a video and audio-only version are posted here. 

For all other Bulwark shows that are free to the public like The Bulwark Podcast with Charlie Sykes and Big to Differ with Mona Charen, click here, to find direct links or simply search for the show by name within your third-party player app and click the Subscribe/Add/Follow button to subscribe to that show’s feed. Subscribing is free and ensures you never miss an episode.