Killing the Kraken: Federal Judge Sanctions Trump’s Big Lie Lawyers

Kimberly Wehle on the Court of appalls.

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Killing the Kraken: Federal Judge Sanctions Trump’s Big Lie Lawyers

KIMBERLY WEHLE on the Court of appalls.

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Tim Miller: Peeling the Onion of Awfulness

On this weekend's podcast Miller joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss horse deworming medicine, the Nirvana baby, Joe Biden's prickly presser, and the cynical politics of Afghanistan.

B2D: Afghanistan: Not a mistake?

David Frum joins to shed light on the Afghanistan withdrawal and Congress's budget fandango.

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MORNING SHOTS: Enduring Courage 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES on making sense of tragedy and disaster.

THE TRIAD: America Is Not Hostage to Events 🔐

JVL: We have agency. Why aren't we using it?

SECRET PODCAST: The Anti-Anti-Taliban Conservatives 🔐

MONA CHAREN AND JVL ask: why do these guys hate classical liberalism?

TNB: Back to School with Dr. Ashish Jha 🔐

COVID, Kabul, and Afghanistan.

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“Afghanistan Controlled by the Taliban Is Not My Country”

ANN MARLOWE: Afghan mayors’ stark choice: Cooperate with the Taliban or flee.

Who Is Backing the Blue?

AMANDA CARPENTER: Police who defended the Capitol on January 6 are now left to fend for themselves.

How to Help Afghan Refugees

THE EDITORS: A compilation of charitable resources.

'Candyman' Review

SONNY BUNCH: Say his name, if you dare.

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Happy Friday! It’s almost go time for the foster-to-adopt dog, so happy thoughts are appreciated for our dog 2.0 adventure.

Rudy Giuliani… On Cameo. It’s kind of amazing.

As you can imagine, the pro-Trump propagandists are handling the bombing in Afghanistan with the respect our troops deserve…

Franimal is no animal. A happy story to finish off your week.

“Powerful stuff” indeed.

A reboot I support. I think there are too many stupid reboots in movies and TV shows, but this one? I’ll probably watch it.

How the pandemic is burning through medical staff…

Then again, there are folks like this woman, who should not be working in healthcare.

But don’t worry…. If you don’t want the vaccine, there’s always Ivermectin!

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