The Constitutional and Moral Imperative of Immediate Impeachment

Now, more than ever.

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The Constitutional and Moral Imperative of Immediate Impeachment

MICHAEL STOKES PAULSEN: The process need not be long and drawn out. And it need not be limited to current officeholders.

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Tim Miller on Days of Rage

On today's Bulwark Podcast, Tim Miller joins Charlie Sykes to discuss insurrection week, a potential second impeachment, and the GOP's crazy vs. evil paradigm.


Eric Edelman joins to discuss the Trump mob’s storming of the Capitol.

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MORNING SHOTS: Impeachment 2.0 🔐

CHARLIE SYKES on why Trump's presidency is disintegrating.

THE TRIAD: It Could Have Been Worse. 🔓

JONATHAN V. LAST: We’ve reached the point where it will be malpractice if House Democrats don’t pass articles of impeachment.

SCREEN TIME: Quibi's Back! Who Cares? 🔓

SONNY BUNCH: [R]oku’s acquisition of Quibi’s library of content is kind of head-scratching. You may remember Quibi as the thing that Jeffrey Katzenberg lit billions of dollars on fire to create, a sort of mobile streaming service that offered ten-minute episodes of things designed to appeal to people standing in lines. 

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Profiles in Courage and Cowardice

SHAY KHATIRI: They’re both from Utah. Both Republican. Both LDS. But Mitt Romney has shown courage and moral clarity that Mike Lee has lacked.

The Crisis Is Not Over. Congress: Get to Work.

JEFFREY K. TULIS: Recommendations for emergency government—including starting impeachment proceedings.


I am still very mad. I do a podcast for fun with some friends from college that airs on low power FM radio stations. It’s us recreating a college show from KSLU we did 17 years ago. It’s a great way to catch up. Only me and one other panelist work in politics.

This is a very consequential episode.

Barry Rubin is the best. Our senior video editor put himself at personal risk and cut an ad for our cousins at Republicans for the Rule of Law and it’s worth a minute of your time.

bUT MuH eCoNoMiC AnXiEtY! The forgotten woman speaks.

Well, Well, Well, If It Isn't The Predictable Consequences of My Own Actions.

Enjoy prison.

Is this cancel culture? People are getting fired for their actions? Say it ain’t so.

Poor Lindsey Graham... They’re right, though. The people who enabled this are going to deal with this forever.

Fiona Hill is back:

Good for American Airlines.

We have met the enemy and he is us.

What, me worry? The RNC has learned nothing. Good luck with that, Ronna.

9/11 every day… Watch this.

“If Cruz’s internal compass guided his ambitions, Trump was a lightning storm who made the Texas senator’s needle go screwy.” This Texas Monthly item is worth a few minutes of your time. Not that you needed to learn that Ted Cruz’s internal compass can’t find True North. (Where he was born.)

Somebody alert The First Amendment! Sen. Josh Hawley’s wife had her bio stripped from her BigLaw™ employer’s website. Cancel culture run amuck? No. The very predictable CYA move from people who wanted to distance themselves from people married to government leaders egging on sedition.

Sen. Hawley is a Stanford and Yale educated guy who, like me, attended an elite Jesuit high school, and knows better but spins yarn for the rubes who do not know better. Whether it’s about Sec. 230 or The First Amendment.

Perspective on Tucker…

Maskholes. A look at our GOP elected officials. I love the guy who says “I’m not trying to get political here” while the Capitol is under siege. Fuck off.

Lastly…. Our friend Tim Alberta has been on fire lately, and his latest dispatch is an absolute must read.

That’s it for me today, friends. Have a great weekend. I’m about to enjoy a feast of Little Caeser’s pizza. It was a long week. Stay safe, and you know how to reach me if you have questions, comments, or observations:

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