The Difference a Father Makes

Mona Charen on what we can learn from the Black Fathers Matter parade.

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The Difference a Father Makes

MONA CHAREN: What we can learn from the Black Fathers Matter parade.

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Anne Applebaum on the Twilight of Democracy

On today's Bulwark podcast, Anne Applebaum joins Charlie Sykes to discuss her book, Twilight of Democracy, and the rise of authoritarianism.

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MORNING SHOTS: Seven (Possibly) Unpopular Opinions 🔐

CHARLIE SYKES: Prepare to be annoyed.

THE TRIAD: Software: Still Eating the World 🔓

JVL: But, like, in a good way?

TNL: Voting Rights, CRT, and Gay NFL 🔐

Hello my dude with the belly and the bloody nose and the camo shorts at a school board meeting. Maybe examine your life choices?

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Not My Party: Are Barstool Republicans the Future?

TIM MILLER: An irreverent style isn't enough to cement a durable political alliance.

What Happens When Putin and Khamenei Die?

SHAY KHATIRI: The U.S. should prepare now for the crises that will inevitably follow the deaths of hostile dictators.

Five Projects Trying to Bridge Our Civic Divides

BRUNO V. MANNO: And why there is a gap between how we judge ourselves and how we judge others.

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Just a programming note as I prepare for our road trip in the coming days: OVERTIME might be shorter than usual.

The Abandoned Houses of Instagram… The New York Times has you covered. Did they leave any mysteries behind?

Always listen to the Ragin’ Cajun’…

Meet Mitch… The Daily Show has this devastating biopic.

F**k school. A great thread from PopeHat on 1A in our schools.

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