The Legend of the Restaurant Workers Too Lazy to Work

The notion that the food-services industry can’t find workers because they like being on the dole is a gross simplification of complicated economic trends.

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The Legend of the Restaurant Workers Too Lazy to Work

JIM SWIFT: The notion that the food-services industry can’t find workers because they like being on the dole is a gross simplification of complicated economic trends.

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Tim Miller on CRT, NYC, Tucker, and the NCAA

On today's Bulwark podcast, Tim Miller joins Charlie Sykes to discuss Critical Race Theory, the NYC Mayoral election, Tucker Carlson, and the Supreme Court ruling on college athletics.

'The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard's' Podcast

On this week’s episode of Across the Movie Aisle, Sonny Bunch, Alyssa Rosenberg, and Peter Suderman discuss whether or not Focus Features is correct in their effort to silence outspoken writer-director and social media gadfly Paul Schrader.

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MORNING SHOTS: Are We Victims of "Contact Lunacy"? 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES: Ted Cruz reacts to yesterday's newsletter.

THE TRIAD: A Death in Afghanistan 🔐

JVL: Remember Sohrab Azimi.

ATMA: Happy Dad's Movies Day! 🔐

On this week’s special bonus members-only episode of Across the Movie Aisle, the gang talks about some of their favorite Dad Movies.

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To the Man Who Shouted at Me About Stolen Elections

MARGARET MCMULLAN: A poll worker responds to an angry heckler.

Congress Might Finally Fix the Disparity in Crack-vs.-Powder Cocaine Sentencing

DAN KING: As the War on Drugs reaches the half-century mark.

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Wednesday night plans? You might want to book your spot as Bill Kristol joins Alexandra Hudson with Braver Angels for a forum entitled: "On Manners, Morals, and History--The Work of Gertrude Himmelfarb."

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I’d like to report a murder… In case you missed it, the nutty provocateur Steven Crowder had a really cringeworthy meltdown on his streaming show. Of course, running to his defense was Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire… The problem? Ben Shapiro is known for his $10,000 offer to debate Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Burn on, big river…

If you can, get yourself a GLBC Burning River Pale Ale, kick back, and enjoy some Randy Newman. Or maybe watch Major League. The Cuyahoga River caught fire 52 years ago today, bringing us the EPA. (It caught fire multiple times, yes, I know.) Or, better yet, plan a trip to Cleveland this summer if you’ve never been. I’d eventually like to have a Bulwark meetup there!

Did digital contact tracing work? At the MIT Technology Review, Betsy Ladyzhets writes:

Even after our analysis, it’s still hard to answer that crucial question: how many infections were actually prevented by exposure notifications?

Our failure to answer that question is partially due to the fractured nature of the system. But it’s also because specific research to measure this technology’s effectiveness simply was not a priority.

That, and trust is a big issue. For me, it was less about trust than turning on my GPS and draining my battery every time I went out of the house. Perhaps that was selfish.

The real danger of the Texas silencer gun law… Writing at The Reload, America’s best gun reporter, Stephen Gutowski explains:

Anyone telling Texans a state silencer law will protect them from federal prosecution without giving them fair warning of the likely outcome is merely leading them into the same trap, with a lifetime ban on gun ownership waiting at the end of the line.

Silencer ownership has required a $200 tax stamp and registration with the federal government since Congress reacted to the flashy violence of the gangland era by passing the National Firearms Act (NFA) in 1934. The ATF has registered more than two million of the devices in that time. The devices merely suppress the sound of a gunshot to that of a jackhammer rather than actually silencing it, are rarely used in crime, and the gun-rights movement has made removing them from the registry a top priority for years now. But, with Democrats controlling all levels of the federal government and gun-control activists arguing the registry is the reason for the rarity of silencer crime, removing them from the NFA is impossible in the short-to-medium term. So, the federal government is committed to enforcing this law, however unnecessary, for the foreseeable future.

There are legitimate arguments for suppressors or silencers. However, I’d venture a guess that a large percentage of those who have them are gun enthusiast cosplayers. And Texas might be sending some of them into a real legal world of pain.

Dippin’ Dots endures… But the Handwich died.

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