The No Mullets Principle

How to regulate social media.

Welcome to a special Saturday edition of OVERTIME. Why is it special? Because I published it yesterday and didn’t tick the box that emailed it to you. So it sat here, unread and unloved on Bulwark+. (And to add insult to injury, I also forgot to delete the “preamble” about Thursday’s livestream. There is no weekend livestream.)

Leading The Bulwark…

The No-Mullets Principle

MATT CORBETT:How to regulate social media.

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🎧 On the Pods… 🎧

Tim Miller on the GOP's No Good, Awful January

On today's Bulwark Podcast, Tim Miller joins Charlie Sykes to discuss the GOP's continuing fealty to Trump, their insurrection amnesia, and Marjorie Taylor Greene and "Frazzledrip."

Can We Live Together in Peace?

Anne Applebaum joins to discuss options for reconciliation. Also, brave Navalny and cowardly Republicans.

For Bulwark+ Members… 🔐

ATMA: How Reddit May Have Saved AMC 🔐

Plus: 'The Little Things' and 'Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer' Reviewed

Washington: A Love Story 🔓

JONATHAN V. LAST: How Republican lies are killing the city I once loved.

SECRET PODCAST: Gamestop Space Lasers 🔐

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Jewish space lasers, GameStop, and the glories of capitalism. It’s Friday.

MORNING SHOTS: The GOP Is Fine With It 🔐

CHARLIE SYKES: Jewish lasers, ring kissing, and gibbering inanity.

THE BULWARK Townhall 🔐

JVL, Mona, Bill, Sarah and Tim talk about Biden's first week in office and take some of your questions.

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In Today’s Bulwark…

The GOP Has Nothing to Offer

BRIAN KAREM: ... except division and lies.

Where’s the Chief?

KIMBERLY WEHLE: John Roberts should be presiding over the Senate’s second Trump impeachment trial.

Signs of (Civic) Life

ALEXANDRA HUDSON: Robert Putnam revisits his ‘Bowling Alone’ thesis. But there are shifts and stories that the data can’t capture.

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Can we talk about today’s JVL column? It really resonated with me.

In fact, part of it made me tear up. Why? Well, because I love the men and women of the USCP so much.

I didn’t have the JVL experience, I was too young. But I did work on the Hill for a number of years (five) and I did have a few great experiences. The idea of a permanent fence around the capitol really makes me sad. In Washington, what goes up rarely comes down, and I hope fencing around the Capitol proves the exception to the rule.

Wait, what?

Good luck? Ronna Romney McDaniel wants to save the GOP.

Let’s Go Gannon! A former Ignatian is a coach of the Eagles. You should really read this profile of him. It’s inspiring. I will, when not cheering for the Browns, join JVL and Ben Parker in rooting for the Eagles.

The Runaway. Read this thread, then go read this story.

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