The Silence of the Sheep

Amanda Carpenter on how the Republican party knifed Liz Cheney while hiding from her.

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The Silence of the Sheep

AMANDA CARPENTER: How the Republican party knifed Liz Cheney while hiding from her.

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Barbara Comstock on Liz Cheney's Moment

On today’s Bulwark podcast, former Rep. Barbara Comstock joins Charlie Sykes to discuss Liz Cheney’s ouster, and how being pushed out actually strengthens her standing as a politician. Plus, the ever-changing purity test bonanza on the right while the GOP doubles down on Trump while moderates try to do the Mar-a-Lago limbo.

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MORNING SHOTS: The GOP's "Breaking Bad" Vibe 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES on Why Liz matters.

THE TRIAD: The Tech Economics of the Colonial Pipeline Hack 🔐

JVL: It's all about zero marginal cost.

THE NEXT LEVEL: This Is the End 🔐

JVL and TIM did a show without Sarah and it is really dark.

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Liz Cheney Should Run for President

SARAH LONGWELL It’s the logical next step, and the right thing to do.

How the ‘Big Lie’ Became a Big Threat

KIMBERLY WEHLE: The window for enacting the reforms needed to protect our democracy is closing fast.

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It’s time for another Declaration of Conscience. A reader suggests I re-up my item on Sen. Margaret Chase Smith, given today’s events.

Happy Wednesday! As Liz Cheney is enjoying the YOLO life, just remember, as Republicans fight over which sycophant to replace her with…

Yes, that’s Elise posing with conspiratorial failed candidate Laura Loomer, famous for many things, but among them, handcuffing herself to the door of Twitter HQ in NYC after she got deplatformed. Even Harvard grads can follow the Loomer tilt. It’s easy, and profitable!

Not to be outdone… Maybe Elise will find that she’s challenged by former Cruz staffer and TX Rep. Chip Roy.

Be careful with the Zoom names! Every time I log onto a public Zoom call, which is usually an HOA meeting, I am careful to make sure I’m not logging into The Bulwark’s Zoom account as my colleague Ben Parker. But if you’re going to court? Well... Just watch.

It’s not a system, it’s a country. With the east coast gas shortage, I am reminded of the movie Live Free or Die Hard. Where I live (and JVL lives) in exurban Virginia, the gas shortage is #real. But good news is on the way, reportedly.

The issue was always with transportation to market and not with production, so keep your 1970s jokes on hold, boomers. I am normally a pessimist, but I am not worried about the temporary gas shortage.

Submarine life. This video about life on submarines is so fascinating.

Hell Yeah.

I’m not kidding. All for this. This is not a bad use of $5 million in relief money, though I think instead of using federal money, they should have just used lottery money. That’s nothing. Fairfax County, where I used to live, has an annual education budget of $3 billion.

DeWine said:

"I know that some may say, "DeWine, you're crazy! This million-dollar drawing idea of yours is a waste of money." But truly, the real waste at this point in the pandemic — when the vaccine is readily available to anyone who wants it — is a life lost to COVID-19,"

An SAT question. Donald Trump is to Congressional Republicans as _________ is to Congressional Democrats?


What kind of fucked up tour is this?

Rep. Andrew Clyde of Georgia had been a congressman for three days when the insurrection happened. Here was his reaction earlier today:

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