Trump DOJ Accused of Trying to Commandeer Walmart Pharmacists

Plus, The Breathtaking Hypocrisy of Rudy Giuliani

Leading The Bulwark…

Hannity, Tucker, and Me.

Former Congressman Joe Walsh:

Two years and four months ago, I officially became a “Never Trumper”—I think, the last remaining Never Trumper in the conservative talk radio world. In the end, it was the Helsinki Putin-Trump summit that pushed me over the edge, where, in front of the world, the American president stood with a Russian dictator against our own intelligence folks.

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🎧On the Pods…🎧

Tim Miller on Trump's Extremely Online Campaign

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Tim Miller joins Charlie Sykes to discuss President Trump’s out-of-touch campaign four days out from election day, Tucker Carlson’s UPS conspiracy, and how COVID overshadowed all of Trump’s October surprises.


George F. Will and Jonathan V. Last join to discuss the state of the parties, the likely outcome, and whether the filibuster and Electoral College should stay.


If you missed last night’s special livestream Nerdfest with our pal David Byler from The Washington Post, you can watch it here.

The last Secret Podcast before election day. (Don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere!)

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From The Bulwark Aggregator…

In Today’s Bulwark…

Trump DOJ Accused of Trying to Commandeer Walmart Pharmacists

Adam J. White: Lawsuit alleges a stunning list of abuses.

If You Can’t Hold It, You Don’t Own It

Sonny Bunch reviews On The Rocks and offers a spooky Halloween assignment.

Revisiting ‘The Wicker Man’

Bill Ryan: While it’s fashionable to treat the movie’s stick-in-the-mud cop as a villain, such sentiment is ludicrous.

The Breathtaking Hypocrisy of Rudy Giuliani

Thors Halvorssen and Garry Kasparov: He accuses others of influence-peddling—but look at who he’s been representing.

Cleaning Up Trump’s Immigration Mess

Linda Chavez: Reuniting children with their families, if it’s even possible, is just the first step in repairing the immigration system, which will prove critical to continued growth.

You’re Fired?

Bruce Gyory: The apprentice president is in trouble.


It’s Friday, the last one before election day. Given how slowly time seems to have functioned over the last two years, it’s kind of strange to accept we’re finally here.

What will happen? You know my prediction: Biden wins the PV by 8 but Electoral College TBD. Do make sure you go out and vote. I went yesterday afternoon and, for the first time in my life, I was exit polled. Normally I push back on surveys, but I made sure to fill out mine so the statisticians know exactly what happened. Maybe it’ll make its way into the data center at 310 First Street, SE in Washington so they can begin to process what they enabled or stood silently by and how that factored into the 2020 results.

And as a reminder, if you’re not yet a member of Bulwark+, there’s still time to join. On election night we’re going to do a marathon livestream with your favorite Bulwark staffers.

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If I may pontificate for a moment: Please don’t let politics ruin your personal relationships. Unless you’re an elected official, a bylined pundit, or a political activist… odds are your relationships are NOT built on politics. We are in what I’d call the “lash out” phase. People you are close to who don’t agree with you on politics are going to be lashing out. Especially if they’re right leaning, given the polls. Let it slide.

Think of it this way: if the election doesn’t break in the way you might want, given that if you’re reading this sentence you are probably not a Trumper, how would you like to be treated were that to happen? Build a kind world, unless you’re a pundit.

ALL HAIL THE RETURN OF MCRIB. Maybe 2020 ends on a positive note?

Jordan Klepper’s final rally? Make no mistake: Trump is never going away. But should he lose his re-election, there are going to be a lot of niche industries in journalism that will simply disappear. And talking to people outside of MAGA rallies is certainly one of them. Don’t worry, it’s going to come back in 2023 when Donald Trump, Jr. runs. Or it might even come back in 2021 should President Trump announce a four years-long campaign to run against Biden in 2024. Anything is possible.

Glenn Beck, prophet. Apparently God had a conversation with Glenn Beck (and it did not involve a blackboard.)

Kyle Rittenhouse off to face charges in Wisconsin. Good.

When QAnon infects your school. What to do? Dangerous internet conspiracies aren’t just for boomers anymore.

Can we talk about police unions? Because this story in Philadelphia is absolutely bonkers.

A brief documentary about President Trump in Atlantic City.

Well worth your 20 minutes.

Laughter, Liberty, and M*A*S*H. I was too young for M*A*S*H, but given its connections to Ohio (and Tony Packo’s!) I was always a fan. Thomas Firey has this worthwhile read, the first in a series, at The Library of Economics and Liberty about how this classic show “reminded America of the values of classical liberalism.”

And if you’re an Ohioan and jonesing for some Hungarian hotdog kits, don’t worry. The Internet™ has you covered.

That’s it for me this week. I hope you have a safe and sane weekend. We’ll see you back on Monday, and we’ll bring you all the great political analysis you’ve come to enjoy.

You can always drop me a line with questions, comments, or concerns at:

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