Trump’s Legacy is COVID and QAnon

Plus, details of my road trip...

Leading The Bulwark…

Trump’s Legacy is COVID and QAnon

Amanda Carpenter: A poisoning of the American body and the mind.

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John Heilemann on the Final Days of the Election

On today's Bulwark Podcast, John Heilemann joins Charlie Sykes to discuss President Trump's 60 Minutes interview, the Hunter Biden conspiracies, and the last Presidential debate.

Closing Argument? What Closing Argument?

Election guru Josh Kraushaar joins B2D to discuss the ragged end game, what to watch on Nov. 3, and the disgrace of orphaned children at the border.

Election Litigation Looms…

With more than 300 cases pending it seems clear that the Supreme Court may play a decisive role in the next election. On this week’s Checks and Balances podcast, Richard Bernstein and Trevor Potter join host Paul Rosenzweig to discuss the Court’s inconsistent jurisprudence and the dangers to its own credibility.

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How Trump Could Still Pull It Off

Richard North Patterson: His re-election is not likely—but here’s how it could happen.

What’s Going on with Republican Women?

Brent Orrell and Daniel Cox: Their radicalization, Trumpism, and the rise of ‘pastel QAnon.’

Five Trump-Era Ideas That Should End with His Presidency

Dalibor Rohac: Make room on the ash heap.

Why Christians Should Dump Trump

Matt Kaufman: I spent years working for a conservative Christian organization. But I believe that supporting Trump damages the country—and Christianity, too.

What We Can Learn from the Confusion About ‘Handmaids’

The discussion about Christian marriage sparked by Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination highlights how Christians and non-Christians talk past one another.

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I’m back and it’s good to be home. One of the few benefits of long road trips is not looking at my phone for 10 hours at time. I hope, if you wrote, I got back to you. If not, remind me!

In West Virginia off of I-64, I was able to find my favorite Bermuda Onion cheese from Bunker Hill / Heini’s in Millersberg, Ohio, near where my parents live. I got 3 ingots. And, when we went through Front Royal, we stopped at Two Fat Butchers and I picked up 3 lbs of their amazing house bratwurst: 1/3 pork, 1/3 beef, 1/3 bacon… With a little spice. The best.

Can we talk about hot dogs… Because I am only 1 for the century here…

Forgive me, but today’s OVERTIME will be a little shorter than usual as I have to prepare for my HOA meeting here in a few…

Speaking of neighbors…

Matt Schlapp is America’s least favorite neighbor.

Driving across the country, I saw a lot of signs, and I gotta tell you: The Trump supporters are in for depressing November should Trump lose, given the lengths to which they’ve gone to nail home made signs to trees, 30 feet high.

Red Is for Remembrance… Friend of The Bulwark Caitrin Keiper has this item at Plough that is really worth your time.

Remember when we cared about the debt?

Pepperidge Farm remembers…

Joe Walsh doesn’t want your thanks… Really. He doesn’t.

The future of the GOP… Sadly, it’s Marjorie Taylor Greene.

That’s it for me today, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, drop me a line at:

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