Virginia GOP Makes a Mockery of the Redistricting Process

Why we can't have nice things...

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Virginia GOP Makes a Mockery of the Redistricting Process

JIM SWIFT: Virginia V. Trost-Thornton is why we can’t have nice things.

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Ryan J. Reilly On The January 6 Investigations

On today's podcast Huffington Post senior justice reporter Ryan Reilly joins Charlie Sykes to discuss the investigations in the January 6 Insurrection, including the motley crew of freelance sedition hunters.

ATMA: Anthony Bourdain Documentary 'Roadrunner' Controversy

Plus: Loki, reviewed. Is the future of the MCU 'Rick and Morty'?

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MORNING SHOTS: Ben Shapiro's Worst Take (And Mine) 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES on McCarthy's farce and Fox's non-flip on vaccines

ATMA Bonus: Are You Ready for the COVID Games? 🔐

On this week’s special members-only episode, Sonny, Alyssa, and Peter talk about the Tokyo Olympics. 

THE TRIAD: How the Culture War Ate Guns, Too 🔐

JVL: Plus, Andy McCarthy's conservative utilitarianism.

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Here’s What to Expect from the Republicans on the Jan. 6 Committee

TIM MILLER: Kevin McCarthy met with Trump before announcing his appointees.

The Freedom Phone Is a Cynical Gimmick

YEVGENY SIMKIN: Fleecing gullible conservatives are scared of Big Tech.


OLD TOWN MANASSAS, VIRGINIA— Greetings from a local public house, where I am waiting for my dog to get out of the groomer. The disruptions to the labor market have impacted grooming in my area, and our normal groomer wasn’t able to get a very hairy Westie in for a few weeks. So I went to a place 30 minutes away. (It’s hot!) And rather than waste an hour on trips to get back home and back, I figured why not have a meal and support a local restaurant?

It feels like the before times! It’s a slow day here, and a bunch of night shift employees from the local bar industry are having food and a drink and talking about their lives, their bosses, and it’s nice to experience this side of humanity again. As I alluded to yesterday, The Bulwark community is so great and one of my favorite things has been the friendships I’ve made with some of you. I got a lot of dog suggestions yesterday from people that were helpful, so thank you!

Is this bad?

Brady’s deflating joke… Seems like everyone is getting them in at That Former Guy’s expense. (Not that’s bad.)

Dark Money behind the right wing attacks on “big tech.”

VICE’s Motherboard has this report on the American Principles Project’s new Google Chrome (ironic, yes?) extension that helps conservatives who hate big tech find out which pundits and experts they probably already don’t like work for organizations that accept money from big tech.

One think tank higher up told The Bulwark:

“I worry about the safety of my staff, my family, and myself when a group that helped stoke January 6th is engaged in this kind of activity.”

The APP owns Raheem Kassam’s National Pulse, which says in a pop up pushing notifications that Big Tech has banned them, but also runs Google ads on their site. Weird they’re willing to take big tech’s money!

Dr. Fauci unchained. Now that the former guy is gone, the good doc is pushing back hard.

It was something.

I’d like to second this…

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