Jan 25 • 37M

Why Does Hate Sell?

Plus: 'The Lost Daughter' reviewed!

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Charlie Sykes and guests discuss the latest news from inside Washington and around the world. No shouting, grandstanding, or sloganeering. Conservative, conscientious, and civil.
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On this week’s episode, Sonny Bunch (The Bulwark), Alyssa Rosenberg (The Washington Post), and Peter Suderman (Reason Magazine) discuss a rather terrible “breaking news” item about West Side Story’s Rachel Zegler in the Daily Beast and the broader trend of using random nobodies on Twitter as a hook for stories designed to gin up hate toward celebrities. Then they review The Lost Daughter, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s movie about a bad mom that has struck a chord with pandemic-era audiences. And on the bonus episode the gang talks about Netflix’s very bad week. If you enjoyed this episode, share it with a friend!