Why I’m a Single-Issue Voter

Mona Charen on why threatening the Republic disqualifies people like Glenn Youngkin.


KURT WARNER has an inspirational story. The former Hy-Vee grocery store stocker in Iowa who tried to make it with the venerable Green Bay Packers but couldn’t eventually won St. Louis their Super Bowl. “The Greatest Show on Turf” they called it.

Early on in my courtship of my wife, I made a near fatal error: telling her brother that I don’t respect teams that play indoors.

The St. Louis Rams are dead and gone, and Stan Kroenke is something that I won’t publish here because I try to keep it family friendly and not swear very much. (It’s actually hard!)

But this new movie about Kurt Warner’s story? I am gonna watch the hell out of this.

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Why I’m a Single-Issue Voter

MONA CHAREN: I’ll vote against the party threatening the republic—simple as that.

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Adam Kinzinger: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

On today's podcast Rep. Adam Kinzinger joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss the House 1/6 Committee's work and the dilemma of principled GOPers... is it better to leave the party or stay and fight?

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MORNING SHOTS: Sane Republicans Are Self-Deporting 🔐

CHARLIE SYKES: The GOP will be dumber, meaner, and crazier.

THE TRIAD: Chaos Theory Is the Future of American Politics 🔓

JVL: A website changes its algorithm and a game show host becomes president.

TNL: Democrats: Do Better 🔐

Sarah, Tim, and JVL talk Destiny’s Child and why the Democratic party needs to tighten up if it’s going to save democracy.

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Securing the Border Without Hardening Our Hearts

ALAN CROSS: What does the harsh and violent treatment of Haitian migrants say about the soul of America?

The Texas Abortion Law Is Only Unpopular If Voters Understand It

RICH THAU AND SUSIE PIEPER: Swing-state voters really don’t like the enforcement mechanism of the Texas abortion law. But first, someone has to explain it to them.

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Happy Wednesday! I hope your week has been going well.. Here is your #pupdate.

Maybe they’re becoming friends? Rusty, not Gus, was able to tell me there was a dead deer in the woods on a Sunday morning walk, which unleashed a day-long “what do you about a dead deer in your community” litany of phone calls.

RIP Bob Reisman.

A volcano meets a pool. Crazy times in Spain.

The Texas Gamble… As voters lean left and policy goes right… what will happen?

WTF is a “pureblood?” That’s apparently what anti-vaxxers are calling themselves now.

Who is Jesse Sullivan? A guy I went to college with wants to become Governor of Illinois. He’s got the look. He’s got money from the tech bros. But what he doesn’t have is a pedigree in being a Republican.

It’s like he was kidnapped and transformed into a GOP Manchurian candidate out of central casting in Ripon, Wisconsin.

Thankfully, those of us who knew him back when aren’t alone. Jesse Sullivan, social justice warrior king of St. Louis U. as a Republican? I would have known him if he were a Republican. I helped run the College Republicans on campus and in the state. This transformation is about as legitimate if Shoeless Joe Jackson walked out of a fucking cornfield wearing a Red Sox uniform.

Maybe tech money does corrupt. Ask JD Vance.

Perhaps somebody in Illinois should ask him about his views on Donald Trump? Or Mitt Romney? Or John McCain?

Beware of posers. Jesse Sullivan is a poser.

Jon Stewart is back. On AppleTV.

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